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Cascadia Song Rise is a gathering of people who love to sing!  Join us May 18-21, 2023 near Philomath, Oregon (~12 miles from Corvallis).  We will nourish ourselves and each other through collective song, harmony, and connection.  There is a magic to be experienced in the layering of voices, a mysterious activation that is felt in the body and in the soul.

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Our location is ~12 miles from Corvallis.  By car it’s ~90 minutes from Portland, and ~65 minutes from Chanchifin (aka Eugene).  The nearest train station is Albany.

Folks are invited to set up starting Thursday afternoon; we finish Sunday after lunch.  We expect about 150 people to attend.  We’ll be camping out in tents (or your own vehicle).  Workshop spaces are roofed in case of rain, mostly without walls.  Group meals will be provided.

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This gathering is aimed primarily at sharing community-oriented music with multiple vocal lines, sung a capella (without instruments) or with instruments in supporting rather than central roles.  The music is participatory, not performance-based.  Amplified or electric music will not be present.  Songs will be taught through oral tradition.  And there will also be opportunities to share songs you are carrying.  All singers are welcome–and we believe everyone can sing!  No previous experience required.

Awesome experienced song leaders are coming.  We will be blessed with the presence of some of our region’s most beloved presenters

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Culture & Community

We are so looking forward to singing together!  We hope this event will lead to lasting connections beyond the weekend.  We’ll also be building community before the event, as we have a commitment to our host to participate in work parties leading up to the gathering (happening regularly on 2nd & 4th Saturdays)–get in touch to participate.

We ask all participants to take responsibility for your part in the whole, whether by keeping your voice to a whisper near tents with sleeping campers, helping clean up, or being kind to someone who’s upset.  We are committed to creating an environment that is respectful toward all participants, regardless of status level, age, ethnicity, gender identity, or any of the other myriad factors that unify and distinguish us.  In recent years song carriers have been engaging in a long overdue reckoning with cultural appropriation and the legacy of historical oppression, and we see this event as an active part of that ongoing exploration and learning.

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Registration for Cascadia Song Rise

Registration is now SOLD OUT!  You can join a Waiting List in case spots open up (or to hear about future events).