We are grateful for your donations!  Donations allow us to offer entrance to folks who could otherwise not attend, and help carry the risk and pressure of this new event.  Money goes toward Equity Tickets, General Scholarship Discounts, or other financial needs.

Donation Options

There are 3 options, take your pick.  We like checks because that saves the 3% fee charged by processors, but online is fine if that’s easier.



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Send a check 

Make it out to Cascadia Song Rise for the amount of your choosing.  Send to Cascadia Song Rise, 2662 Alder St., Eugene, OR 97405

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Cascadia Song Rise is being produced by Cascadia Song Rise, LLC.  Because it is not hosted by a nonprofit, donations are not tax-deductible.  We believe in transparency regarding finances and plan to post the event budget on the website.  Let us know if you have concerns or questions.